Why “Mental Health” days are just as important as regular sick days..

I’ve been home sick today and one of my friends checked in on me to see if I was regular sick or if I needed a mental health day. Today I was actually unwell, but it’s not unusual for me to cash in a day or two in a year to giving my brain a break.

Anyone who owns a computer knows that 99% of problems can be solved by turning it off and on again. The same goes for you! We work so bloody hard these days that we are no longer people – instead we are anxious balls of negative energy buzzing around from task to task at such a rapid pace we aren’t enjoying our lives. At some stage, your brain is going to have too many tabs open, too many background programs running, and it’s going to start to slow down and stop running at full capacity. So, we turn it off for a minute.

This isn’t a Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off, I’m not out riding parade floats and eating in fancy French restaurants! Usually I’ll just sleep in and watch some Netflix under the blankets with my cats. Sometimes I’ll get my nails done, or make my favourite foods for lunch. It’s never anything elaborate or complicated – it’s just a day where I put myself first and de-stress.

You will often hear it called “Self Care” and I know that term gets a lot of criticism but it’s more important than you would think. It’s a way to recharge your batteries and bring yourself back to full capacity. It helps us to be better employees, better parents, better partners and better friends. It helps us stay focussed and sharp, so that we are always doing our best instead of half-assing it like we tend to do when we are burned out and stressed.

Self care doesn’t have to be an all expenses paid holiday to a Balinese spa, although if someone offers that to you I dont recommend turning it down!! Self care can be reading a book after the kids go to bed instead of folding laundry. It could be taking your lunch and eating outside instead of eating at your desk. I have scheduled 2 days off next week before I start my new job because I know I need to be fresh when I start! It’s nothing fancy, just a couple of days for me to chill out!

It does really matter what you do for self care, but rather that you actually do it & that you do it on a regular basis!

Do you ever take mental health days? Tell me what you like to do to take care of yourself! 

Murphy xx


Roadblock = Gratitude?

I’m typing this from my bed because I can’t really go anywhere other than here or the couch. You see, I’ve managed to injure my knee. It looks like a torn meniscus which is shit and will probably require surgery which is also shit.

I probably did it at the gym, which is SO annoying because I’d just started to really shift my mindset. I was eating great and hitting the gym 5 times a week. I may have overdone it a smidge?

Anyway, I suppose it’s just disappointing because I felt like I had my shit together for like 3 weeks and then this happened. It’s hard to not let myself spiral into self pity, which I seem to really enjoy doing.

My darling boyfriend pretty much yelled at me the other night because I’m always complaining about something. I tend to be… shall we say.. dramatic? Everything is a problem. Everything feels like the end of the world. Bless him for putting up with me long enough to get annoyed. I don’t know many people that would put up with my shit this long.

I’ve busted out a few of my books about happiness and motivation in the hopes that it will help me avoid going off the rails emotionally. The one I’m enjoying the most though is my gratitude journal. Someone gave it to me years ago and I had literally never written a thing in it which probably indicates how ungrateful I am for the good things. eek.

I’ve been trying to write in it every night. It’s only 3 things. If I can find 3 things in the day that were good, then my life isn’t ALL bad and it puts things into perspective a bit. I’d highly recommend it if you’re feeling like your life is falling apart. Last night I was grateful for pizza, because pizza is tasty – so it obviously doesn’t have to be anything profound. Just something!

Do you have a gratitude journal? Or just a journal? Tell me what you do to help keep yourself on track when it feels like the sky is falling.

Murphy xx

Dear Food Diary…

I started keeping a food diary in an effort to be more aware of the kinds of foods I’m putting into my body. I have various goals for health and fitness, but the food diary is mostly just so that I can sit there at the end of each day and look at whether I made choices that will help me, or get in the way of my goals. It was all going very well until Friday night.. dear-food-diary Continue reading

Lust List: November 2016

It’s getting close to the end of the year, which means that everyone you know is asking “What do you want for Christmas?!”. It feels like I’ve been trying to work out what I want since last Christmas, amirite?

Anyway, my family knows what I want, but if any rich benefactors have some cash they want to waste on an ungrateful almost-30-year-old who will give nothing in return, I refer you to the below list of things I’m obsessed with this month.


  1. Good Legs Raw Edge in Blue005 by Good American – US$159.95
  2. Silver Pearl Signature Watch by MVMT  – US$125.00
  3. Monogrammed Leather Shopper Bag by Mon Purse – $399.99
  4. Triple Buckle Sandals in Tan by City Chic – AU$55.96
  5. Metal-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dreamweaver by Gerard Cosmetics – US$20.00
  6. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them by J.K. Rowling via Readings – AU$35.99
  7. Daily Greatness Journal by Daily Greatness – US$44.95
  8. Pink Marble “Celeste” Phone Case by The Dairy – AU$40.00
  9. Brushing Beauty Must-Have Brush Set by KIT Cosmetics via mecca – AU$52.00

Tips for getting a better night sleep.

Sleep. We all need it, but we rarely get enough of it. Most articles say you need to get 8 hours a night for your brain to do all the magic things it does like repair cells and recover from a day of heavy duty thinking – but if you’re anything like me, 8 hours of quality sleep a night is a fantasy. But, all is not lost people! Here are a few things that I do now that I genuinely believe help me get to sleep, stay that way and not wake up feeling like a zombie..



Picture via Pinterest.

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why I think you should take more selfies.

Some d-bag of a woman sent me a private message on Instagram yesterday that basically said I don’t know why you post so many selfies on here, you’re not that good looking and also I’m a fucking moron. Admittedly, I embellished on that last part – but to be honest, she might as well have said that because she is, in fact, a fucking moron. She’s also wrong. I’m super good looking. Here, take a look:


100% Attractiveness. That woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

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